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Signatest is a calibration and repair lab located in Seattle, Washington. Specializing in Signametrics products, we offer NIST Traceable calibration, verification, as-found testing, as well as repairs.

Formerly Signametrics, we have all the knowledge and tools needed to keep your digital test and measurement equipment in service, as well as in spec.

Current Signametrics Inventory Available:

We Currently have a very limited amount of Signametrics products available for sale. These are all discontinued / end-of-life units, and are being sold at a first come, first served basis. No official windows 7/8 support is available.

The following units are currently available (subject to change without notice):

All these as well as some accessories are available. Please contact us at to inquire about availability.

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Keep all of your instruments in spec with our NIST Traceable calibration service.

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